Special Announcements

July 2017- Customers may be experiencing discolored water. This is due to one of two things: high levels of iron and manganese (which is an issue we deal with yearly caused by turnover in the lakes) or the algae blooms which are occuring in the O.H. Ivie Reservoir from which the City of Abilene gets it water. All of the algae is gone from the water, but a smell can remain for some time. Although both of these can cause discoloration and odor, this is just an aesthetic problem- the water is perfectly safe to drink and use. This usually clears up on its own within a couple of weeks. If you would like, we would be more than happy to come out and check your chlorine levels to make sure your disinfectant level looks good. Just give us a call at the office. 325-554-7454
On Thursday June 23, 2016 our supplier the City of  Abilene changed the outside watering restrictions from one day a week to 3 times a week.  Your days to water is based on the last number of your account (please see water rates and schedules for the days you are allowed to water.)
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